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 Cozumel is safe! The San Francisco Chronicle currently made this statement about Cozumel, "There are benefits to being not only an island, but about as far away from the U.S. border as you can get and still be in Mexico. Cozumel, coincidentally, also escaped the flu scourge. You don't have to think twice about visiting. Tripadvisor goes as far as to say, "Cozumel is one of the safest travel destinations in Mexico and may be one of the safest places for travelers all across the world".

Our Cozumel villas and condos are right on the ocean, sea, and beach. Our Cozumel vacation rentals offer you a level of privacy and comfort unmatched by hotels and resorts, along with the astonishing beauty of the Caribbean sea of Mexico. We have Cozumel Mexico villa rentals for every desire, whether your priority is to relax to the sound of waves or to spend your days snorkeling amidst the jewel-colored fish of our reefs.



if we had a motto for our villa rentals, it would be "Of the sea, for the sea, and by the sea." All of our vacation rentals are right next to the ocean. Being At Home in Cozumel means that you will be not just near the water, but right next to it. We know you haven't come all this way just to land a few yards short of the beach. We know that the sea is at the heart of all Cozumel vacations.




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North Hotel zone $950.00 USD Weekly 2 Story Residential